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Curriculum Vitae available upon request.

Service Offering

System engineering, technology consulting services in the fields of Information Technology and Telecommunication, with a focus on architecture and security.

Benefit from my experience in technical standardisation and landscape analysis in order to navigate specifications and stakeholder groups, avoid pitfalls, identify missing components, find appropriate solutions, and evaluate new technologies. We can also discuss uses cases, requirements, conformance, and interoperability. Also provided are audit services regarding architecture performance and security.

I can help you by implementing a proof of concept, prototype, or finished product, along with any required system administration, network setup, security considerations and, last but not least, proper documentation covering the deliverable. For such tasks my tools of choice are OpenBSD – as a development, test and production platform – with Perl and its pletora of modules, packages such as PostgreSQL, Drupal, other suitable building blocks, and modern Web standards – this is not a limitative list. See also there.

Or simply ask for my services as a neutral third-party / moderator.

I give great importance to commitments, as well as confidentiality, and treat them with utmost care.

The choice of licensing is left to the customer. Source code enjoys a discount price if it can be released under a BSD or MIT-style license.

Work is primarily done remotely, with presence at your office as needed.


I am fluent in English and French (my mother tongue). In German I can communicate with colleagues for daily activities.

About Me

I am a system engineer with background in radio communication systems and computer networks. I started my carrier working for Sagem (Sagem Défense & Sécurité at that time), where I contributed the network aspects in the design of a prototype mobile radio communication system and also got experience with embedded software. I later moved on to the mobile device division of Motorola, where I participated in the development of mobile television standards with other players of the industry.

I hold an Engineering Degree in Electronics and Signal Processing, and a Master's Degree in Communication System and Networks from ENSEEIHT, France.

During my pause in fatherhood I decided to go freelance, practiced self-education, became an OpenBSD enthousiast, and consulted in several Internet and telecommunication network / security topics.

I run this website, my e-mail service, and several others (such as a private caldav server) on my own. I firmly believe one needs hands-on experience.